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    If you encounter any problem related to blood vessels and heart, it is best to consult specialists rather than visiting general physicians. An eminent cardiologist having experience of handling such complicated cases can treat heart patients in the best manner. One such reputed cardiologist in Decatur is Abhay Trivedi MD. So, in case you face chest pain or even have a slight discomforting feeling in your chest, consult with Abhay Trivedi and he can guide you with the correct treatment.
    He is the most well-known cardiologist specialist in GA who is experienced in serving the patients for more than 22 years. He treats patients from his office located in the Lawrenceville highway. He is quite caring as a doctor and handles every patient with a lot of caution and diligence. The education of Abhay Trivedi bird is basically based in India.
    To study medicines, he joined the Medical College of Maulana Azad during the year 1996. After he completed the medical degree, he started practicing internal medicine from the year 1999.
    His residency got completed from the medical centre of Saint Barnabas. Abhay Trivedi completed his internal medicines quite successfully and then joined Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre during 2000 to continue with his fellowship. The fellowship of the MD continued for three years which ended in 2003.
    He finally got his cardiology certificate awarded in 2004. During his professional life as a physician, Trivedi got associated with many reputed hospitals like Piedmont Atlanta Medical Hospital, Emory Hospital, and the Rockdale Medical Centre. He also treated many patients in the medical centers located on the eastern side of the country.
    Abhay Trivedi MD was associated with both private as well as public hospitals during his profession as a cardiologist. Offering effective treatments to the patients gave immense satisfaction to the man. He loved to travel to various medical centers and treat the patients instead of just sitting in one place.
    He always aimed at making himself available to every patient that required him the most. He always recommends his patients to undergo the tests for cardiac stress whenever they visit him for consultation. This helps him in finding out how good the heart of the patient works under stressful situations.
    In case, Abhay Trivedi finds that the heartbeat of any patient is irregular, he advises them the activity of heart electric. Owing to his vast knowledge and experience in the field, he always makes it a point to discuss the health of his patients with them before commencing any type of treatment. This helps him in understanding their conditions in a much better manner which also enhances the quality of treatment. The MD even undergoes a thorough check of the patient’s past history and medical records before treating them with his medications.
    Abhay Trivedi bird is exceptionally good in identifying heart blocks, ACS, blood clots, and aneurysm in the patients and offers effective medications to treat the symptoms. His love for the patients bags him with the recognition of the most compassionate physician from the year 2011 to the year 2015. Dr. Trivedi is almost in the top list of cardiology specialists and has earned great reviews and ratings from his several satisfied patients.